Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jubilee Service: A Joint Community Service Project of Jaro I and II Ward

May 13,2009 Saturday: Yesterday our ward, Jaro II Ward together with Jaro I Ward (my former ward), had a joint activity in our effort to complete our Jubilee Service as we will celebrate the Church's establishment here in the Philippines. We assembled at around 7:00 in the morning and waited for other members to join us in cleaning the Jaro Plaza. According to Bishop Timmy Tigulo, there are around 48 members in our ward and around the same number were present from Jaro I Ward. Children from the Primary organization, Mothers from the Relief Society, Young Men and Young Women from the Youth, Priesthood Leaders, Single Adults and even Full-time Missionaries that were assigned to our Ward joined in the cause to clean up the community plaza.

When we arrived in the place that we need to clean, municipal hired cleaners were already there sweeping, grass mowing and maintaining the plants. We helped them mow the grass, clean the park and distributed leaflets that contains the list of supplies and products that every family could store in their houses in case of emergency since today is the first anniversary of the flood caused by Typhoon Frank. Such an incident prove that our leaders were indeed inspired by God when they admonished us to keep a 72-Hour Kit which includes food, medicine and other necessities supply. Basic needs of every man such as crackers, bottled water, canned goods, clothes and other important documents should be placed in a water-proof storage box that could be easily accessed in case of emergencies.

My mom was inspired to store food supplies such as noodles, canned goods, bottled water and medicine supplies that proved to be really helpful when Typhoon Frank struck our area and Kalibo. Since Jaro is known to be a place of constant flood, we were highly affected during the said event. However, the Lord has blessed us with the supplies that we stocked that in times that others would crave to purchase their supplies, we were safely tucked inside our home and enjoying the result of our decision of listening to the Prophet's counsel.

Many people were so cynical with us because they thought that what we're distributing was our Church's doctrine. Some crumpled the leaflets, threw it away, used it in making fire for their Bibingka (rice cake) that they're selling in the park. It's so saddening that even bystanders continued on their usual activities without even taking a look at the fliers that we gave them. At the moment I prayed to my Heavenly Father that He would bless their souls and that in times of catastrophic events, they would be able to withstand it since they're not even trying to prepare for such circumstances.

From 7:00 until 10:00 in the morning we helped in cleaning the park and it was fun to have every member of our ward continue in our cause of Mormon Helping Hands. We love to help the people and show love to them even if they're very skeptic with our intentions. We know that in serving them we are showing that we are indeed servants of the Lord.

We ate burger and camote fries in Mang Inasal afterward. It was so good to be energized again. Serving the community has helped me develop a greater love for the place I live and hope to make it a better place to live in, my fellowmen and the Lord. I love every single opportunity to serve because in the process, I know I will get to learn a lot of principles that in the long run helps me become the daughter my Heavenly expects me to be. As I serve my community, I am preparing to serve my God in the mission.


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