Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stake Relief Society Leaders Convention

Yesterday, Saturday, me and my mom attended the Stake Relief Society Leaders Convention. Together with other Relief Society members from other wards and branches we feasterd and enjoyed upon the many wonderful tips and messages taught by our Stake Relief Society President, Sister Darlene Joy Casas. Though there was only the four of us, Sister Eartha (Tang2) Dagohoy, (our Ward Relief Society President), Sister Alma Mendame(our first Counselor in the RS), my mom(our RS Secretary) and me(RS Teacher), we enjoyed the many tips as presented by sisters from other wards and branches. I enjoyed how they demonstrated the effective ways in Home Visiting.

Below are some of the many wonderful ways on how we can effectively participate in reactivating, inspiring and reactivating our less active sisters and their family.

Effective Home Visiting and Teaching Techniques:
1. Offer Help
If we see that the family we're visiting are busy working on their business we should seek every possible way to assist them. If a mother is struggling to attend to her children's needs and we see opportunities to help, then let them know that we are there not just to visit but also to help.

2. Encourage
Most of the people we visit are loaded with so much problem. Let's not add to those pile of problems. We should encourage them in every way we can. We never know the power of "I know you can do it" in the lives of the people we teach.

3. Prepare a lesson and bring your scriptures
Be prepared to share a lesson and your personal testimony. Don't forget to bring the Church magazine and your scriptures to aid and guide you in giving the lessons.

4. Share testimony
Every lesson should be ended with your own personal witness of the veracity of the lesson you've just presented. People don't know care how much you know unless they know how much you care. Be sure to give the appropriate testimony and lesson to the age of the people that are listening to you. As you do so, you and the people you're teaching will feel the Spirit amidst the meeting and will bless you both with inspiration.

5. Humor
People are more excited to hear from people who are capable of making them laugh than those who just talk about very serious matters or very bookish. A study shows that the lesson retention is higher when people could relate to the lesson or when shared with anecdotes.

6. Present a lesson
Most of the time when we visit we tend to be more on talking about updates than presenting a lesson. People who are inactive more several months and years need some spiritual food and during your visitt you ought to provide them with it.

7. Invite to [an] activity
There's no other better way to invite these people to become active members again of the Church than to invite them to activities that will help them mingle with other members, be edified and to get along with the members again. Activities in the Church are inspired by the Lord and members should take advantage of every opportunity to attend. There's no other way to invite inactive or less active member into activity(become active again) than through an activity.

8. Introduce
Most people start with lessons without even introducing their names or that of their companion's. How do you think you could build relationship and trust if they don't even know your name. You cannot expect them to trust or become comfortable sharing their thoughts if in the first place they don't even know your name. First rule to every good relationship, introduce.

9. Be interested and aware
Know as much as you can about the family that you're visiting so you will know where to attack them. I mean, you will know how to deal with them, what to ask, what to talk about. If their eldest daughter has just passed the board exam, congratulate them about it. If the father has just got promoted in his job, tell them how glad you are. People tend to become more interested with what you will say once they know you're interested in them.

10. Recognize good example
If the person you will be visiting was once a very good leader or an active member whom you look up to, help them reminisce those time when they were so active in the Church. Be careful not to overdo the praise but just help them remember the times when their testimony of the gospel was so powerful.

11. Bring their Church Magazine
Most of inactive members still have subscription the the Church magazine. Bring them during your visit not only to give a better reason for the visit but also for them to read more inspiring messages contained in the magazine.

Those are just some of the many possible ways on how we could help inactive or less active members in returning to the fold. I know that if we visit them they will feel that we are indeed servants and disciples of the Lord. Through our example they will have more desire to come again closer to our God.

After the lessons we ate our lunch. The food was cooked by Sister Eladie. We ate fried chicken and chopsuey. Really the food was superb! I know the every activity is really inspired to keep us motivated, inspired and uplifted in our journey to going back to our Heavenly Home.


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