Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Conversion to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Me and my mom became members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when I was 15 years of age thus making me a five-year-old member of the said Church now. Well almost, I was baptized last December 25, 2004 by Elder Louie Torres. Prior to my baptism, Elder Colt Adam Kalcich and Elder Salen taught my mom the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Our neighbor, Sister Letecia Roberto, referred my mom to the missionaries and the two wonderful young men that always wear white shirt and colorful neckties taught her for like a couple of months and she was baptized ahead of me. My conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ wasn't exactly as easy as others might have been. For some they're too lucky to have been born in the covenant. The conversion wasn't exactly easy mainly because I was so skeptic with the religion and feared that my friends and classmates would ridicule me for diverting from my old religion. I've learned later that there was only one member of the Church in our school when I was in high school, and she's my neighbor. Jihan Isberto and her whole family were the sort of "Pioneers" in our stake and our area. Her grandfather, Brother Ruben San Gabriel, was even first Stake President of our stake.

During the time that I opened my mind to the teachings that the missionaries are giving us, I was simultaneously corresponding through letters with Jihan. She admonished me to listen to the missionaries and get a testimony of the gospel on my own in contrast to the usual teachings of other denominations that they feed you with their own testimonies hoping that you'd absorb it too. We attended the Sunday services, Family Home Evenings and ward activities that helped me prepare in receiving the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Two most important people that helped in my conversion are Sisters Joan and Joy Riingen. They befriended me, shared their testimonies, visited together with the full-time missionaries and most of all, became great examples of humble and virtuous young women. Their parents are not members of the Church but they continually show amazing faith and press forward in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It occurred to me that it's a challenge for both Joy and Nang Joan to help in the conversion of their parents and strive to become living proof of their faith and testimonies.

For almost five trial-filled years now, me and my mom continually pressing forward in our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and always strive to live as Jesus would want us to. I had been blessed with several callings such as Stake Family History Staff, Youth Sunday School Teacher and the latest is the most rewarding of all, Relief Society Teaching. My most favorite and admired organization of the Church is the Relief Society because it's from where great women, mothers and family are being molded. It's such an honor to be chosen as their advocate in learning and get to share my testimony to the superb mothers that has always inspired me.

From my hometown in Kalibo, Aklan, I was blessed to get a job as a telemarketer here in Molo, Iloilo. Callbox or Parallel Processing Corporation hired me on May 11, 2007 as an outbound sales representative and up to now I am so blessed to have become part of the said homegrown yet prolific organization. My job has enabled me to pay for my tuition fee, our rent and daily expenses. I know that everything that I am enjoying now are results of my labors and much faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. There's so much events that have transpired since my baptism. Some are a little to harsh and too challenging, some are just pure bliss. The thing is all of them contributed to the formation of a better me. I believe that every little thing and event that happens to our lives all have significant roles in our growth.

In our journey we get to meet new friends, leave the old ones behind but the memories won't leave us. It would stay where it was planted and would eventually grow as we learn to adjust, accept and embrace the fact that there's nothing really constant in this world but change. I attended a year in the Central Philippines University with the course of Marketing Management. I decided to stop now so I could better prepare for my mission and save considerable amount of money that I could leave my mom behind while I am off in the field serving the Lord. You see I am her only daughter and everything we spend depends on my income. When I will serve the Lord full-time I will not be able to raise the money we would both need to survive, so now is the time to prepare to meet God, I mean now is the time to prepare to seve God.

I knew the truth, I knew that God knew it really was and I can't just leave my back to it. I am inspired to serve Him through mission in 18 months. I know there will be a lot of trials that me and my mom both have to encounter but have stronger faith than our trials are. We know the gospel of Jesus Christ to be true and that we need to stay TRUE to it. I know that my conversion to the truth restored on Earth paved the way to my preparation to serving the Lord through missionary work.