Thursday, June 25, 2009

Certain Consequences Follow Specific Actions

Yesterday we had our first meeting with Brother Manny Insigne, our Missionary Preparation Class teacher. He's a brilliant, interesting and humble servant of our Lord. He shared his mission experiences with us and we were all inspired to become better prepared soldiers of the Lord. There was only six of us in the class, two ladies and four valiant men, one of whom will be serving in the field by next month.

We were taught one simple yet powerful principle from the Doctrine of Covenants Section 82 verse 10. CCFSA, it means Certain Consequences Follow Specific Actions. It's so true that all the blessings we reap are just results of all our labors. Specific decisions and actions will eventually be followed by consequences that we no longer have agency or capacity to control. The moment we commit into something we've already decided, the nature will then have its turn about giving specific consequences from our works. One good example that was given was If we date properly with a member, we will be married in the temple. Yes we always have our agency to choose what we like or we think that is right, but our agency ends the moment we abuse it. I love the thought that our Heavenly Father will keep His promise as we keep ours. It gave me a comforting feeling that as I continually strive to become like Him, He is granting me all the power and support I badly need in the whole process.

We were challenged by Brother Insigne to become the ideal student our Heavenly Father expects us to be. An ideal seminary and institute student:

1. Has a daily habit of reading the scriptures (at least 15 minutes a day)
2. Fish in the scriptures-we should be able to liken the scriptures in our daily lives and help another by sharing specific accounts that relates to our troubles

We were asked as to how we would resolve a concern of a sister who is afraid to go the Church because of the fear that when caught attending our Sunday service will be kicked out or expelled from her school? That got me thinking pretty hard since I rarely visit my scriptures. I know, I better take the challenge and read the four standard works more often and have a goal to finish reading them before I go to serve the Lord in the field. So the answer to that concern was to read her Daniel 6. Daniel were also threatened to be thrown in the lion's den if they would pray, but knowing that their God is higher than any other gods, they prayed. The most wonderful part of the story, he was delivered from the lion and proved to all humankind that God indeed is alive anf that He listens to our prayers. He is bound if we do what He says.

Certain Consequences Follow Specific Actions.

We were challenged to:

1. Read the scriptures and be able to teach. We should first seek to obtain the word before we could eventually teach it effectively.

2. Bring the scriptures in the class.

3. Wear our proselyting attires.

The Lord wants us to be the most prepared missionaries of our generation so we need to raise the bar and I know that if I prepare myself I will be endowed with the promised power that God gives to all His faithful servant.