Thursday, July 2, 2009

Would it Be Approriate for a Missionary?

I'm may not yet be an official full-time missionary of The Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-day Saints but the moment I attended the orientation given by Bishop Timmy Tigulo to me, Sister Michele Joyce Araneta and Brother Ronnel, the preparation already started. My Heavenly Father has already expected a lot from me and I know deep in my heart that He's already hoping a better and spiritually upgraded version of me. Well let's check my progress.


I thought this is gonna be the hardest part of the preparation since I grew up well far from being well off. My mom has no job (and don't ask me as to how she could provide for herself once I'm gone in the field and I'm her only daughter. Of course I always believe that the Lord has helped in paving the way that I could provide for me and mom's needs. And since He's the same yesterday, today and forever, I know He will continually provide while I'm away from my mom but closer to His work) and we depend so much on my current full-time job as a telemarketer and some little extra income from my virtual assistant job. I am preparing not only to pay for my mission expenditures but also mom's while I'm away from her, and prepare for our expenditures afterwards when things will get a little more complicated. Check, I got some savings enough to cover all the costs we may needs while I'm away.


Screw this part of the preparation! I was inspired by my friend, Regina Prudente who is a local model when she started losing some weight due to her oat meal diet. When she stopped it a week after, the visible loss of weight was unbelievable. So I resolved that I would follow her example. I ate oat meal as breakfast, a little rice and meat at lunch and nothing on dinner. Expecting the same result to take effect in me, I noticed that the pants I have been wearing became even more tight than it used to be! What had gone wrong? The more I control my diet, the more I crave for food and the more I indulge to that craving. Once I get to work I would buy loads of food that I want and so the whole diet plan is totally destructed.


Screw the dentist! Last week I was so ecstatic about attending my missionary preparation class in the Institute because afterwards I would go drop by the dentist have my teeth cleaned and get the necessary certificate for my mission papers. When I get there I handed the secretary my IntelliCare card which would let me have the cleaning for free as part of our company health insurance plan. She had me wait while reading local magazines for an hour, then another hour. Knowing that I still have a duty afterwards I can't resist the dizziness and the need to sleep so I just said I'll visit them again resoluting inside my mind never to step in their clinic again, ever!


Failed to attend my missionary preparation class last Wednesday because I got no scriptures with me. Tuesday evening me and mom prepared all the necessary materials I need for the next day so I will just go in the institute building right away after my shift. I got my Sunday's Best dress with me ready as well as my Missionary Preparation Class Manual but dang I failed to bring my scriptures with me that night! Screw the plan I skipped it.


Probably another reason why I needed to skip the class last Wednesday was my unprepared status with the lesson. I got loads of projects in front of me that even on weekends I failed to visit my manual and read the lessons in advance. Well anyway I am reading some good books, reading currently serving in the field missionaries' blog(written through their emails and published by their relatives of course) and reading my scriptures too--I have to be honest, not daily as I am stucked with so much work to do. I know all I need is to spare about 15 minutes a day and I'll be happy all day. Bu then I just haven't mastered time management yet.

Did I miss anything?Goal. Yes I need to make it a goal to strike better or higher than my current preparation. I think I am not yet totally prepared yet as the bar has been raised and the need for a more qualified and committed missionary than ever is imposed (or at least I'd like to impose that to myself).


I noticed I am becoming more and more ill-tempered, easily offended and lesser smiling lately. I could not focus more on the task at hand, I look as if I have so much things in mind and I seem to be more aloof than ever. Would it be appropriate for a missionary? Absolutely not. I am currently struggling to overcome myself and my attitude weaknesses. I battle them by working with the missionaries and extending my patience towards things and other people.

So would all these preparations make me a better missionary? Definitely if I would take them seriously and if I would really work them out faithfully. I know I won't be a perfect missionary but in the process I would faithfully become perfected. Notice that I used 'perfected' as I know I should be open for changes and with the help of others I could accomplish my goal of becoming better daughter and servant of God.