Monday, July 13, 2009

Visit with the Dentist

Me trying to show-off my newly cleaned teeth
Today I had my whole set of teeth cleaned by Dra. Ann Christine Iran. She's our company dentist in the very meaning of the words. She works as a dentist and as a Quality Assurance Analyst in the BPS Department in the company I'm currently working with, Callbox. She's an excellent dentist because she's so considerate and soft-spoken. So for the dental preparation, CHECK.

Earlier this morning I went to Statlab to have my Annual Physical Examination, which is part of my insurance with Intellicare. They informed me that I needed to fast for 8 hours because I will have to undergo in a cholesterol test. Also, I will need to provide my stool and urine sample so they suggested that I will just go back with the complete samples tomorrow.

Missionary work is rigorous and requires a fully prepared person not only financially, emotionally but also physically so that the work will not be delayed. In my patriarchal blessing, the best gift and blessing that my Heavenly Father has given me was good health that I may be able to provide for my family's needs and in this case, in order to help Him in the glorious work. Many people are amazed at how I was able to maintain a perfect attendance-no absences, no over break, no undertimes, no lates at work for my 2 years and 2 months tenureship in Callbox. I have some lates and overbreaks last year but the good thing is as of this point, I have a clean record. Perfect attendance for 6 months for this year and hopefully be able to maintain it. I know that my Father in Heaven wanted me to be healthy always as I have a lot of works to do. He knows that if I will be ill, my dreams will never come true. I thank God for the gift of good health.