Saturday, August 22, 2009

Primary Anniversary

This post is a little late as I have been pretty busy with a lot of things. There had been a lot of transitions and businesses in my life that I have been so preoccupied and failed to update this blog. Well, I am still preparing to become Sister Revesencio and serve the Lord. Last Saturday, August 15th, Jaro 1 and Jaro 2 wards rendered a Community Service Project in Jaro 2 Elementary School. Had it not been for the conflict in our schedule, me and my kids in the Primary would have been there too to support the cause.

My kids had been preparing for that moment. Some of my kids failed to show up because it was a week of examinations and it grieves me to see them being caught up in the middle of something they have to choose between their temporal and spiritual obligations. Not to worry, there were 3 pairs that showed up and I love them for their enthusiasm and willingness to participate in all the fun activities.

Sister Carla, Judea and Chinoy were there to assist me in training and helping the kids prepare. The program started at exactly 9:00 in the morning with Sister Anna Barredo giving the Welcoming Remarks, President Barredo giving his inspirational and amusing speech (yes, they're a couple) and then the most exciting part of being a kid--GAMES! My kids were awesome they were able to answer all the questions and won the colorful pencils!

The presentations were awesome. I'd like to commend the Pototan Branch for their superb performance.

That day he kids taught me a lesson I wouldn't have learned the other way around. The kids are so talented that we, as leaders, need to do all that we can to guide them, nourish them, encourage them and help them grow in the gospel.

The Primary kids of Jaro 2 Ward. They're the Pearl of Great Price of the Church
My kids during the presentation performing "Book of Mormon Stories"

Pototan Branch with their Primary President. During the presentation the kids were watching at their ate so they could emulate what she's doing. Their actions had me thinking, adults show ALWAYS show a good example to these kids because they look up to us and follow what we do.