Sunday, July 25, 2010

Set Apart as A Stake SA Representative and Thoughts on Visiting

I was sustained as a Stake Single Adults Representative a couple of Sundays ago but I just got sustained today and it's such a fun day! I was a little late today in our Relief Society class so I missed Sister Maridan Sollesta's lesson from the Ensign but I was able to attend President Christopher Barredo's Sunday class. He has always been the most humorous teacher. He likes to incorporate jokes in his lessons. He taught about the importance of being punctual (ouch!) haha. I think it's the second time that I got to attend his class and that's his lesson, and that I think it's intended for me, haha. I hope the next time I would be able to attend and not to feel a little guilty. He talked about how important it is to Start on Time and not End on Time. Or if in any cases, Start Late and End One Time. It doesn't matter when we start our classes (though it's ideal to start it on time) but we need to ALWAYS always end on time. 

Our sacrament meeting was one of the most spiritual meetings we've ever had. The three speakers were just touching. I love what Sister Carla Casquite and Sister Maybelle Palma talked about. They both talked about how important it is to put Christ in the center of our lives, about how important it is to get rid of our pride. 

After the sacrament meeting, I was set apart by President Eusibio Sollesta together with Brother Eldred Neal "Nikoi" Sollesta. Among the many blessings which President Sollesta announced and bestowed upon my head, I like when he said that I may be blessed with continuous good health and that I may continue to become a good example to everyone. It was such a spiritual time.

Then at around 4:00 in the afternoon, I went to the Sollesta's residence since me and Sister Dan2 are partners in visiting teaching. I had a fun time because Sister Dan2 was such a great host. She had me eat an apple pie of which she brought from Bacolod and some fruit salad from her mom's birthday. The foods were so good and we had a fun time talking while I was multi-tasking--eating and reading the latest issue of Ensign.

Jan Vincent "Jan2" Sollesta drove their RAV4 as we visited the smartest kid in our Primary class, Michael Equilla. It's such a fun time! We were surprised to see another addition in the family, a stinkin' cute baby girl named Therese!!!! 

Today is such a lovely day! 


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stake Single Adult Representative

Second Sunday Relief Society Teacher

Just a week after I was released from the Ward Primary Presidency, I was called a Second Sunday Teacher in the Relief Society. I love the calling as I have always respect and admire the mothers. I love listening to their wonderful stories of their adventures and struggles in motherhood and how they're able to always apply the principles they've learned in the gospel. 

Stake Single Adult Representative

A couple of Sundays ago, President Eusibio Sollesta approached me and told me that I'm going to be called as one of the SA Representatives in our Stake, Philippines Iloilo North Stake. Others who were called were Sister Remrose Abanero and Brother Nikoi Sollesta. 

The call was kind of a surprise for me considering the fact that I have not been attending any Single Adults activities because I have been quite busy with my career. Well, I guess it's a wake up call that I need to mingle a little bit more with the singles in our ward and enjoy this time of my life. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Released from the Ward Primary Presidency

Mom told me it was 7 months ago when I was called as the Ward Primary President. I went over my previous posts of this blog and discovered that it is actually 8 months now until I decided to ask my bishop to have me release from the said calling. I know I shouldn't have asked him to but I know better. I've been going through some emotional trials that I feel that I am no longer adequate and not deserving (notice that I didn't use the word 'unworthy' because I feel that I still am, it's just that I feel that I no longer deserve the said calling). I still love the kids, will always do. I love it when they come up to me and kiss me and say Thank You after every classes and presentations. I still feel that these are divine children of our Heavenly Father and that we have a divine responsibility to rear, nurture and teach them.

Mecah and Ping with me during a ward activity

However, today I am officially a regular member of the Church (or I think I would stay but after the sacrament meeting I was approached by Sister Eartha Dagohoy, the President of the Ward's Relief Society to become their RS Teacher, oh well I guess couldn't have a spiritual vacation) as the Bishopric announced mine and my first counselor's release from the Primary Presidency. The new Primary Presidency in the Jaro 2 Ward are Sister Nicole Jagodilla (President), Sister Aliya (First Counsellor) and Sister Lya Hisole (Second Counselor). These are really wonderful women and I feel that they will take care of the kids far better than I could. I have to deal with my personal problems before I could effectively serve these kids just as every young woman should prepare to eventually become great moms. I know it wouldn't be an easy task but it's possible.