Sunday, March 28, 2010

Released from the Ward Primary Presidency

Mom told me it was 7 months ago when I was called as the Ward Primary President. I went over my previous posts of this blog and discovered that it is actually 8 months now until I decided to ask my bishop to have me release from the said calling. I know I shouldn't have asked him to but I know better. I've been going through some emotional trials that I feel that I am no longer adequate and not deserving (notice that I didn't use the word 'unworthy' because I feel that I still am, it's just that I feel that I no longer deserve the said calling). I still love the kids, will always do. I love it when they come up to me and kiss me and say Thank You after every classes and presentations. I still feel that these are divine children of our Heavenly Father and that we have a divine responsibility to rear, nurture and teach them.

Mecah and Ping with me during a ward activity

However, today I am officially a regular member of the Church (or I think I would stay but after the sacrament meeting I was approached by Sister Eartha Dagohoy, the President of the Ward's Relief Society to become their RS Teacher, oh well I guess couldn't have a spiritual vacation) as the Bishopric announced mine and my first counselor's release from the Primary Presidency. The new Primary Presidency in the Jaro 2 Ward are Sister Nicole Jagodilla (President), Sister Aliya (First Counsellor) and Sister Lya Hisole (Second Counselor). These are really wonderful women and I feel that they will take care of the kids far better than I could. I have to deal with my personal problems before I could effectively serve these kids just as every young woman should prepare to eventually become great moms. I know it wouldn't be an easy task but it's possible.