Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trust and Service

Today I had an impromptu class at the Relief Society because mom - who is our Relief Society President - prepared a lesson about Tithes and Offering instead of skipping to the Missionary Work. It was a great experience because I we got to learn from each other. 

I learned so much from Sister Dan2 Sollesta today. She related to us about how she's able to share the gospel to her friends and help in the missionary work. She told us that public officials who usually don't give attention to the full-time missionaries could be reached through her existing friendship with them. People tend to open more to those whom they already have built relationship and trust with. That's the importance of referrals. Even if we don't have time to work with the full-time missionaries, we could always refer them to our friends and neighbors and fellowship the new investigators. 

How about you, in what ways do you help in the missionary service?

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